Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam marijuana seeds offers you free unlimited cannabis seeds. You will get free cannabis seeds when you order meets requirements, but you can order as many times as you like, so you can get unlimited free seeds.


amsterdam marijuana seeds


Afghan_Feminized_Seeds Afghan_Seeds Amnesia_Trance_Feminized_Seeds Amsterdam_Indica_Seeds Aussie_Blues_Seeds Azura_Seeds Bianca_Seeds Big_Black_Indica_Feminized Big_Bud_Seeds Bob_Marley_Sativa_Feminized_Seeds Bob_Marley_Sativa_Seeds Bonita_Seeds California_Dream_Feminized_Seeds Californian_Skunk_Seeds Caramelicious_Feminized_Seeds Caramelicious_Seeds Charas_Seeds Cheese_Feminized_Seeds Cheese_Seeds Citral_Seeds Crystal_Rain_Feminized_Seeds Crystal_Rain_Seeds Durban_Poison_Feminized_Seeds Durban_Poison_Seeds Dutch_Dope_Seeds Early_Misty_Seeds Easy_Rider_Seeds First_Girl_Seeds Ganeshas_Dream_Seeds Ganja_Dwarf_AUTO_Feminized_Seeds Happy_Outdoor_Mix_Seeds Hawaii-Skunk_Seeds Haze_Feminized_Seeds Haze_Seeds Hindu_Kush_Seeds JamaiCanna_Seeds Le_Fruit_Defendu_AUTO_Feminized_Seeds Le_Fruit_Defendu_Feminized_Seeds Le_Fruit_Defendu_Seeds Lemon_Ice_Seeds Light_of_Jah_AUTO_Feminzed_Seeds Light_of_Jah_Feminzed_Seeds Light_of_Jah_Seeds Maroc_Skunk_Special_Seeds Master_Kush_Feminized_Seeds Master_Kush_Seeds Master_Kush_X_Northern_Lights_Seeds Medijuana_Feminized_Seeds Medijuana_Seeds Misty_Seeds New_Super_Silver_Haze_Feminized_Seeds New_Super_Silver_Haze_Seeds New_York_Diesel_Feminized_Seeds New_York_Diesel_Seeds Northern_Lights_Feminized_Seeds Northern_Lights_Seeds Northern_Lights_X_Big_Bud_Seeds Pride_of_Amsterdam_Seeds Purple_Power_Seeds Shiva_Shanti_Seeds Skunk_Red_Hair_Seeds Skunk_Special_Seeds Strawberry_Ice_Feminized_Seeds Super_Skunk_Seeds Supernova_Feminized_Seeds Supernova_Seeds Tatanka_Seeds Thai_X_Skunk_Seeds TropiCanna_Seeds Waikiki_Queen_Feminized_Seeds White_Queen_Feminized_Seeds White_Queen_Seeds White_Widow_Feminized_Seeds White_Widow_Seeds White_Widow_XTRM_Feminized_Seeds Yoruba_Nigeria_Seeds


amsterdam marijuana seeds


Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has been providing the world with only the highest quality premium grade Cannabis Seeds since 1997.


  • Proven award winning Cannabis Strains
  • Bred by the Best Master Dutch Breeders
  • Over 100 strains always kept in stock for those that need refills on their prescription marijuana.
  • Excellent Super Stealth shipping ensures your package arrives anywhere in the world without any worries.
  • All packages are discrete, so no one will know what is inside. Please note our super stealth delivery is so good, you may have problems finding your “product” inside our mail. Do not throw any mail away, it can take some people up to 10 minutes to find the “product” well hidden.

It’s never been a better time to buy seeds from Amsterdam because the Euro is very weak right. It’s better to shop in Amsterdam and save your money. The Euro is at historic lows but our seed prices remain the same Even with the global shortage, we were prepared and have more stock than any other seed bank.

We look forward to hand packing your seeds in a super stealth package. We take your privacy and safety more seriously than any other seed bank.



  1. Mignon Largo on May 31, 2015 at 11:38 am

    That african strain product has an amzing soaring high

  2. Name removed for privacy on June 25, 2016 at 8:43 am

    My Afgan seeds arrived very fast. I filled out your survey and I gave high marks with delivery time being improvement since my first order years back.

    I could See and the fine people at AMS have really improved this and I say WOW.

    I changed my email address after the order and survey and I lost my discount code and if you could I’d like it sent to my new email address Which is {removed by admin} I’ll order for the discount so I save money and I’ll get enough to qualify for your free seeds program.

    I also ordered your nutrientes and I thought I’d get some free seeds I didn’t. And I have no problem there, I misunderstood the money limit to qualify for this at the time, but I say I LOVE YALL, IM FROM THE SOUTH IN USA. You will be this old mans source for all my seed needs till I die. I’m 65 will be 66 in Semptember and I’ve been ripped off from others I tried years ago.

    Your staff is very Kind even with a older guy and it’s Great to know AMS has my back and I have friends who thought there order was lost, you reissued their order and they got the original order. I pray that they did right by you and paid for the extra order sent. But rest assured you will get what you ordered I love the fine people at AMS. If you want you can use me as a very happy customer just please leave out my Email. Thank you {name removed} You are AWESOME.

  3. Roger Davis on May 23, 2017 at 4:29 am

    nice place to order seeds.

  4. Charlie N on July 9, 2019 at 9:46 pm

    solid seed bank with fat seeds and 100% germ rates. I order feminized seeds and they were all 100% female plants, cheers

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